Formation of the Orphan Foundation

Character Creation, First Session

We created our heroes! 

After a long and arduous 5 hours of learning the basics of character creation we got on our way!

Our journey began with our heroes travels taking them through the town of Kassen during its yearly Festival of Renewal. During the festival, they spied a man marked in abyssal runes steal the scroll of the incantation to renew the magic sealing a Felbridge and the stone the magic was stored in. In the confusion, our Hunter punched a drunkard in the face and got herself arrested, spending the night in jail and being forced to pay restitution. The next morning Mayor Uptal and the wizard Holgast sent them to the location the stone was divinated to have been taken too, the crypt of Sir Kassen, whom the town is named after. On their journey there, they encountered illusory gnolls perhaps meant to scare them off. 


thelionkingfischer thelionkingfischer

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