Shadows, Pools and Demon Statues

After a thorough nights rest in a storage closet, our heroes explored what they found to be the last room of the eastern side of the crypt. Inside the chamber, bodies were burning in a pit, and a sentient shadow attacked them, and it was not looking well for our party. Then our cleric came crashing through the ceiling! having lost his way in the woods, he roamed to the ruins of the castle and fell through a sinkhole into the chamber. The shadow was promptly defeated! Onwards they discovered, past the original entrance to the crypt, a deep pool, a room with a mural of Kessan, and a locked door with place for an as yet unfound shield. Finding this dead end, they returned to the pool to discover the floor of it filled with hundreds of keys. With some clever detecting magic, they found they key they needed. After a hallway of statue traps, they found a clay statue of a Gelbrazu wielding two shields. Upon approaching it, it attacked them, and almost fell our druid in one hit! After a tactical miscalculation, it was taken down in a flurry of attacks of opportunity. beyond its chamber, a burial tomb filled with treasures fit for our heroes were found, and they rested there for the evening.

Maze Days

After defeating the illusory gnolls, Kelarus stayed behind to investigate the possible reasons for their appearance, getting lost and separated from the group. The rest of the band traveled onwards, following the route to the crypt, they discovered a lake and the delicious berries nearby it.  After pillaging a skeletal corpse found on the bank of the lake, they took shelter in a  small earthen crag, only to be ambushed by a pack of wolves in their sleep. slaying the creatures, they moved on, reaching the treacherous ravine where Kassen's Crypt lay. After a dangerous decent into the valley, they discovered skeletal remains underneath freshly slain horses outside the entrance of the tomb. Greeted by animated skeletons in the first room, our heroes discovered a maze filled with pit traps they fearlessly navigated to escape, also discovering a raving man who was trapped in one of the pits. He barely made sense, but he alerted the heroes to possible water hazards ahead, as well as informing them another companion of his was possibly still alive further into the crypt. Encountering a large beetle in a room full of trash and debris, they defeated it and rested up for the evening in a storage room. (LEVEL 2 ACHIEVED)

Formation of the Orphan Foundation
Character Creation, First Session

We created our heroes! 

After a long and arduous 5 hours of learning the basics of character creation we got on our way!

Our journey began with our heroes travels taking them through the town of Kassen during its yearly Festival of Renewal. During the festival, they spied a man marked in abyssal runes steal the scroll of the incantation to renew the magic sealing a Felbridge and the stone the magic was stored in. In the confusion, our Hunter punched a drunkard in the face and got herself arrested, spending the night in jail and being forced to pay restitution. The next morning Mayor Uptal and the wizard Holgast sent them to the location the stone was divinated to have been taken too, the crypt of Sir Kassen, whom the town is named after. On their journey there, they encountered illusory gnolls perhaps meant to scare them off. 

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