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  • Olephar

    Olephar is the name given, in the few surviving texts on the subject, to the Calamity that destroyed the Trisnalan Empire in the year ~PH 75,000. Many speculate what it was, a plague, a great monster, and a civil war are many of the common …

  • Cetaegia


    Cetaegia (pronounced Set-age-E-a) is the name given to the mainland of Cet (pronounced Set) and the surrounding islands and landmasses, also sometimes called the Nealands.  It is boarded on the south by the Ochinal Sea …

  • Palisae Kingdom

    The First Kingdom

    While not technically accurate, the Palisae are called The First Kingdom. Of the Guilded Races, they were the first to begin the modern era of society on in the Cetaegia in the heart of the Banel Mountains. Through …

  • Timeline Of Cetaegia

    A Basic History

    What follows is a cursory history of the known events of Cetaegia. 

    PH: Pre-Harmony
    WY: Warring Year
    SY: Sanctified Year
    ~ denotes an estimated year

  • The War for the North


    Around the year PH 1750 a combined force of some 6,000 halfling and 3,000 dwarven warriors invaded the northern forests, tundra and eventually city of Bevshtela. After almost a years worth of battles and siege the …