Maze Days

After defeating the illusory gnolls, Kelarus stayed behind to investigate the possible reasons for their appearance, getting lost and separated from the group. The rest of the band traveled onwards, following the route to the crypt, they discovered a lake and the delicious berries nearby it.  After pillaging a skeletal corpse found on the bank of the lake, they took shelter in a  small earthen crag, only to be ambushed by a pack of wolves in their sleep. slaying the creatures, they moved on, reaching the treacherous ravine where Kassen's Crypt lay. After a dangerous decent into the valley, they discovered skeletal remains underneath freshly slain horses outside the entrance of the tomb. Greeted by animated skeletons in the first room, our heroes discovered a maze filled with pit traps they fearlessly navigated to escape, also discovering a raving man who was trapped in one of the pits. He barely made sense, but he alerted the heroes to possible water hazards ahead, as well as informing them another companion of his was possibly still alive further into the crypt. Encountering a large beetle in a room full of trash and debris, they defeated it and rested up for the evening in a storage room. (LEVEL 2 ACHIEVED)


thelionkingfischer thelionkingfischer

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