Kassen is a small town in the western portion of Haryon, on the southern bank of the Grey-snow River. Its estimated population is 750. The Fangwood forest  borders the town to the south, to the north is the Haryon Plains. Farfield Hold lays some 30 miles north, and the capital of Hayron, Castilia is approximately 130 miles east. The town is generally well off due to ample farming, a steady flow of travelers and traders on the Grey-snow, and its local logging company.

Most townsfolk actually reside within the woods and farmland in the surrounding area, nonetheless they are a close knit community. Mayor Uptal is the current head of the town, and notable residents include Holgast, the resident wizard, Sir Dramott, a Paladin from the Keep of Farfield who is deployed here as a guardian and scout, and Father Rantal Prasst, a Cleric of Erastil and the towns high priest.

A map of Kassen proper



Sir Ekat Kassen was an adventurer who, after a particularly rewarding quest in SY 1123, retired and set about taming a portion of the edge of the Fangwood, using his large fortune to build a keep there. Naturally this became a safe haven for travelers on the Grey-snow  river, quickly becoming a small settlement.  28 years later, in SY 1151, his young son Kimmurel Kassen murdered his father and all the keeps men in their sleep. He was seeking to imbue their life force through dark magic, having always resented his fathers fame and the knights in his service. His attempt was mostly successful, and he was granted arcane powers through his dark ritual, but being unfamiliar with spells, he also bound himself to never leave the unhallowed grounds of the castle.  The villagers quickly discovered what had become of their protector, but also were in no danger themselves. 

A powerful Cleric of Kossuth came to purify the castle and defeat the evil inhabiting it, and it is believed he succeeded. He reclaimed the bodies of Sir Kassen and his Knights, but he declared no man should step foot in the castles grounds again, lest he risk a dark fate. A crypt was built in the valley behind the keep, and the bodies of the knights and Sir Kassen interred there. Over the decades, the abandoned keep slowly decayed and fell to ruin into the valley and the Fangwood.

When the Planar War began, a Felbridge formed at the former site of Kassen's keep. The town was quickly abandoned as its residents fled to Farfield keep, and the portal sat open for 8 years of the Planar War until a Greater Trumpet Archon, Tahmineh "The Wounded Mother", sealed the Felbridge and the slow work of reconstruction began. The sealing of the Felbridge was not a permanent solution, and every year the town has a celebration and the Mayor reads a divine scroll, calling out to Tahmineh, and she returns and renews the magic holding the tear between realities closed.


Recent Developments

In SY 1317, The Orphan Foundation happened to be in town during the resealing ritual when the divine scroll was stolen, and were sent on a quest to reclaim it from Kassens Crypt. Shardi mistakenly attacked a drunk man, Barlo Jorn, was charged with assault, spent the night in jail and was forced to pay restitution.


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