The War for the North


Around the year PH 1750 a combined force of some 6,000 halfling and 3,000 dwarven warriors invaded the northern forests, tundra and eventually city of Bevshtela. After almost a years worth of battles and siege the city fell, and the gnome slaves of the Grey Races were freed. The events are known mostly through oral history passed down in halfling nomad society of the North, most particularly the Kheraha halflings, as well as the one surviving contemporary record, an engraved accounting of the events found in the abandoned Palisae town of Kor'kot.

Kheraha Oral History

The tale told by the Kheraha Weavers (those of the tribe who dedicate themselves to the clans history and stories) begin with incursions by the Bevshtelan nation into the north Khala desert. These raids are said to have continued for decades, worse in some years than others. Over those raiding years, escaped gnome slaves told of the hardships endured by their kind, eliciting sympathy to defeat the cruel kingdom. When the Kheraha defeated a large raiding party and found maps as well willing turncoat prisoners , they sent word amongst the halfling tribes, who agreed to march on the Grey Kingdom for the sake freeing the gnomes and in common defense of the region.

The dwarven contingent that marched with them is recalled as not much more than mercenary, only agreeing to come after the halflings agreed to give them an equal share in all loot, even though the dwarves had half the men. They were mostly drunk, slow and rowdy albeit good hearted during the march and the battles. Every story is told differently by different tellers, but the one line that repeats itself in the War for the North is "Slow were the dwarves, but they shared their beer, so better to have a slow dwarf near!".

The war it self is described mostly as cunning raids, guerrilla warfare, and sabotage to bleed their more cruel, larger, stronger but less clever opponents dry. After many scouting raids and eventual infighting between the different races of the enemy, a large fire was set in Bevshtela, forcing the surrender and disintegration of the same. As recorded in all tellings by any group, this one ends with the nobler of the orcs willingly entering into slavery under the dwarves and halflings as punishment for dishonoring theme selves with defeat.

Kor'Kat Inscription



The War for the North

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